You’re Irish…You CANNOT Be Into This!

P: “Didn’t you guys fight to get away from them?”

M: “Yes”

M: “But I like these things!!!!!!!”

True story.

On all accounts.

I am an Irish Citizen.

In 1921, Ireland did become independent from the UK.

And,  I looooooooooooooove other people’s celebrations.  You won’t catch me celebrating my own but if it’s your birthday, wedding, special day, I’m all up ins with champagne, balloons, tasty treats, & prezzies.  In this case, I was not invited to the royal wedding so I’ll be celebrating later on my couch.

Anyway, the only reason why I am writing this is to share my joy in watching the news for the first time in foh-freakin-eva and not seeing something awful.  It was all hats, nice clothes, smiling people, and a bride & groom who look super in love.

When his brother got married in 2011, I felt the same way.  At the time, I worked in travel & I was spending every morning in “crisis” meetings, figuring out how to evacuate people.   Prince William’s Wednesday wedding day was literally the first day in months where the leading story wasn’t an earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster, or political rioting.

So, I want to sincerely thank Prince Ginge & Meghan Markle for creating some happy news stories. I really do wish them much happiness.

By the way, when I woke up this morning,  the tv was already on.    P was sniffling, drinking his coffee, and said, “They’re so in love. I can’t stop crying.  He really loves her.”.


sniffle, sniffle, sniffle, happy tears