Woooo New Post

I really only try to blog when I feel like I have something of value to add to your lives.  Over the past few months, I was hibernating a bit. Now, I’m emerging all RuPaul’s Drag Race style…except no heels, make up, or fabulous clothes. On that note, here’s my offering of “unique value propositions” for you:

Travel Tip – Additional Needs:

For those of you who may need one, wheelchair service at the airport is complimentary.  Most ticket counters have a row of seats very close to the counter, where you can rest until the wheelchair arrives.  You will get priority service going through TSA checkpoints as well as first boarding on the flight.

If you are traveling with a child, airlines will provide a bassinet free of charge.  If you have a toddler who is under the age of 2, you can take him or her as a “lap child”.  While the “lap child” will be flying for free, she or he will need to sit on your lap for the entire flight.  Not recommended for international flights with multiple long legs :-).

If you have any other considerations or concerns, call the airline directly.  Ultimately, they want to help you have the best experience possible – not just because they’re in the service business, but also, because they’re moving hundreds of people at once. The more they know ahead of time of special requests, the easier it is to get that plane out of the gate on time.

Headphones In

Not sure if it’s because last year was so tumultuous or what, but there’s been some amazing music lately.  If you want to know what I’m digging, I scare the masses every Saturday on The River Boston, 92.5. Understandably, if you prefer a commentary free list of musical inspiration. my Spotify playlists are attached to my Facebook Profile.

If you want to hear cool people talking about cool things, check out my interviews on The River’s Comcast XFinity On Demand channel. I had the incredible honor of speaking with The Record Company & Jain (whose album I picked up in Paris 2 years ago – what a thrill to have her here!).

Point Your Face Here
When I get my Landmark Newsletter, I open up my Netflix account and add all the movies to my DVD queue.  For as much as I’d love the experience of heading to the theatre, I just can’t seem to get there. Anyway, one movie I watched recently was Sour Grapes, a documentary about wine counterfeiting,  Fascinating.

I am a firm believer in past lives; therefore, the show Soul Mates speaks to me on a very deep level. It’s like Portlandia but with longer story lines & more socio-political commentary.

“They” say that you learn how to love in a very different & deep way when you have a child.  While I have no children, I am a proud card carrying member of the #AUNTOURAGEThe Missing was equal parts absolutely horrifying and fascinating.  It’s the only show I’ve binged watched since Master of None.

I love the library SO hard.  BPL has Hoopla, which for the time being, seems to be allowing me to read foreign versions of books.  Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit lax in checking things out as of late.  However, 2 of my super cool listeners, Jody & Melissa, sent me a copy of Living on a Prayer.  It’s really good so far – I just need to read it on my couch vs. nodding off in bed (stay tuned for full review). In the meantime, I’ve pre-ordered the new Murakami book. Cannot. Wait.

Ever since I was smart enough to grab a chair in order to reach that dodgy bottle La Choy soy sauce sitting on the top of our stove, I’ve been in love with umami.  For me, Pacific Rim flavor is where it’s at. Now that I think of it, it’s probably why I love Australian food so much.  It’s all that Irish stuff I grew up with but with much better flavor. All due respect to my mum, I had no clue asparagus could be crunchy until I was double digits. On that note, this karaage just made my list of things to do.

One of my BFFs, Brian, & I have been scientifically studying wine on & off for a few years. We even have diplomas from a reputable institution to prove it. Some good things we’ve been encountering: Sicilian Grillo (great with crab), prosecco with arils, some pet nats (organic, naturally fizzy).   If you’re looking to try some great new wines, I highly recommend wines made by former music people like Charles Smith, Taras Ochota, Maynard James Keenan, or Steve Lau.  The creative process definitely extends to wine making.

That’s all I got for now.  If you have anything to recommend to me, please comment below! I need new content to consume!