Housewarming Gifts

Last year, a very dear friend of mine recommended the book, Happy Money. So, now I’ve been recommending it to anyone who will listen.  The basic tenet of the book is that money inherently doesn’t make you happy but how you use it does.  Buying experiences is often more fulfilling than buying things. Spending money on others also brings deep satisfaction.

Randomly, many people I know have been moving into new digs lately.  I’ve found myself at a bit of a housewarming gift giving crossroad.  What do you buy for people who not only have as much as they care to have but also value experiences over things? And, what about your natural inclination to use your money to make somebody else happy?

Of course, there’s always wine & fancy food treats…those do a good job on the “experience” piece. What if you find that special “something” that is equal parts experience & stuff? Now, that’s special!

Here are recent gifts that I’ve given as housewarming prezzies:

1. Yoshitomo Nara Ashtray – Remember when all good hostess sets came with a fancy ashtray? I don’t know anyone who smokes anymore…but it’s so ridiculous & can double as a candy dish.
2. Alessi Mandarin Juicer – I am such a fan of Alessi & Koziol – functional art!!! Plus, you can squeeze juice for your sweetie.
3. Renova Paper Products – Black toilet paper is an unbelievable conversation starter.  There are only certain friends who would really dig a few rolls of chartreuse paper towels.  So, this isn’t a gift for everyone BUT for the right person, it’s downright amazing – and practical!
I’ve found great gifts at Uncommon GoodsBliss Home, & Finn Style (oh Finn Style, I love you & your Marimekko & your Iittala & your Fazer bars).  If you have any great recommendations for gifts, please share them in the comments!