Irish Words of Wisdom on St Patrick’s Day

My mum’s family is from Ireland so St Patrick’s Day is kind of “our” holiday.  It was never a big drinking thing, more just a day to get together with everyone and have corned beef & cabbage…and maybe go to church.  Of course, you had to wear green & those little potted shamrocks dotted your kitchen windowsill.

My grandmother, a.k.a. my most favoritest person in the ENTIRE WORLD, was straight from Athlone.  She was super cool, very well read, and always had loads to say.  I am not sure if she ever kissed the Blarney Stone for her lovely gift of gab though…”kissing that buggy rock” is really for tourists.

When I was in my 20s, I was over my Grandmother’s house and we were watching some U2 video on Much Music.  At this point, I will say that the following item I am about to impart was strictly the opinion of my Irish born grandmother and not that of anybody else. I mean no ill will with her comments – it was purely sound dating advice that she felt she needed to pass on to me, being a lady of certain experiences:

“Never date an Irishman.  They’re all so cheap.  The only Irishmen you are allowed to date are U2.  We all know they have a lot of money so they can’t hide any of it from you.”.

I just sort of looked at her, narrowed my eyes, scrunched up my forehead, and said, “Ok. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.”.

Sometimes, I wonder if Michael Flatley would’ve fallen into the U2 category…

I will conclude with some solid Irish advice that everybody can use:

Is minic a bhris beal duine a shron

(Many a man’s mouth broke his nose)


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